French Markets

Midwest Markets by Bensidoun USA, Inc

Western Springs French Market

Next to the Western Springs Water Tower: Hillgrove Ave. between Lawn and Grand Ave.

 May 14th – October 29th

This is our market's 5th year at Western Springs! Come by for some groceries, grab a bite and sit down on the grass, check out all the artisans and vendors.

"Western Springs is offering shoppers a chance to purchase locally grown fruits and vegetables, baked breads and cookies, homemade chocolates, crafts and jewelry and even health screening tips in one easy-to-shop location in the signature Tower Green area of town."

The Western Springs market is located in the Metra Station parking lot on Hillgrove Ave, between Lawn ave and Grand ave. The market is open 9am - 1pm and runs every Sunday.


Designed by Stephanie Zhao.
Graphics by Stephanie Zhao.
Photographs by Stephanie Zhao, Thomas Straus, various other market managers.

Bensidoun USA, Inc