French Markets

Midwest Markets by Bensidoun USA, Inc

                 In Paris, public mixed markets are synonymous with French culture and style. Bensidoun USA extends this tradition to our small towns of the Midwest- where there is no shortage of local farmers, businesses, and artisans.

"We have been operating markets for 20 years in the Midwest, and this mixed market concept really works with the public," Cahill said. "The diversity and inclusion of non-profits make it a meeting place for the community."

We want to introduce a variety of goods with a blend of upscale, urban markets and rural, local street fairs to our towns. The French Markets are places for farmers, artisans, small business owners and food vendors to come together with their local communities in an open air market setting.

Trying on some cute hair accessories at the Western Springs Market!


Designed by Stephanie Zhao.
Graphics by Stephanie Zhao.
Photographs by Stephanie Zhao, Thomas Straus, various other market managers.

Bensidoun USA, Inc